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The origin of our firm can be traced back to October, 1998, when Damon Kirschbaum was admitted to the practice of law in Connecticut, and he immediately established a solo law practice in Hartford. For the next fourteen years, he represented people in various types of cases throughout Connecticut, including superior courts, the Connecticut Appellate Court, and the Connecticut Supreme Court. During this time, he developed and refined his beliefs about providing exceptional legal services.


In October, 2012, Damon established the firm for the purpose of building a team of legal professionals that share his commitment to providing exceptional legal services. The core of the team is composed of three people that have been with the firm for more than four years. Amy Clark, our paralegal, joined the firm in January, 2014. Vishal Garg also joined the firm in January, 2014. Andrew O'Shea joined the firm in August, 2014.

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