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Connecticut Criminal Defense Attorneys
We represent people in all types of criminal cases through all phases of the criminal justice system. Our mission is to provide exceptional criminal defense representation.

Meet the Team

For more than 18 years, Damon Kirschbaum has been representing people throughout Connecticut in serious criminal cases.
Vishal Garg’s passion for justice, nuanced understanding of the complexities of the law, and mastery of the art of persuasion allow him to provide the highest level of representation to every client.
Michael Brown combines compassion and empathy with an aggressive and relentless approach to the practice of law.
Andrew O’Shea is dedicated to using his talents to provide exceptional legal representation to individuals entangled within the criminal justice system.
Amy Clark is the legal assistant at Kirschbaum Law Firm, LLC.


I am regularly contacted by people that are being investigated for committing criminal offenses. The first question that almost everyone asks me is whether they should talk to the police. Read More